Monday, November 1, 2010

Sneak Preview of Spielberg's Newest Movie Pt 1

The Americal Physical Society conference was the last place I expected to hear breaking news from the entertainment industy. The APS conference started out much like any other scientific conference. After checkin, coffee and pastries we listened to noted professors from JPL and Cal Tech gave plenary talks.

The JPL talk was on global warming, and, sadly, was about what you'd expect. Not up to JPL's normal standards.

Let me have Amaryllis tell about the second talk by Dr Sean Carroll, Cal Tech.

The physics conference that I went to this had a talk from several people, the most notable of these to me being Prof. Carroll and Dr. Thorne. Prof. Carroll’s talk was about the arrow of time. The arrow of time, he explained, specifies a direction in which time can progress, but that it cannot travel backwards along the same path. This can be seen as evident from scrambled eggs. You can make scrambled eggs from eggs, but not vice versa. This concept is defined by the Second Law of Thermodynamics with entropy. He goes on to discuss entropy. You cannot have a decrease in entropy in an open system.

To hear it from the professor's mouth, try Arrow of Time.

But wait, you may be saying, what about Steven Spielberg? Alas, blogs should be short, so you'll just have to come back to read part 2.

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