Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mercury Poisoning in Children Causes Autism?

So rages the controversy. And if you believe the reports, there has been a 10 fold increase in autism cases from 1980 to 2004.

Shocking, if it is true.

But since we are talking about the difference between 6 cases and 60 cases, we are still dealing with a VERY SMALL number of children.

But is mercury really the problem, or just a symptom of a deeper, underlying problem.

There was a fascinating study done in 2004 that identified a signature metabolic impairment or "biomarker" in autistic children that manifests as a severe imbalance in the ratio of active to inactive glutathione, the body's most important tool for detoxifying and excreting metals. Glutathione is the "master" antioxidant and it is normally made in every cell of your body. When your body can make enough glutathione, your body can keep in check the potentially destructive process of oxidative stress caused both by normal metabolism and environmental contaminants. A number of studies have shown autistic children showed a significant impairment in every one of five measurements of the body's ability to maintain a healthy glutathione defense. So a level of lead or mercury that would cause no problems in a normal child, can be disastrous for children with this metabolic impairment.
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Is there an answer?

There is a promising patented formulation with compelling clinical results that raise glutathione levels an average of 292%.
Clinical studies

Clinical studies on autistic children are being conducted by Dr Allen.

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